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It took a thief: Eliyahu Weinstein Sentenced to 22 years for $200 million fraud of fellow Orthodox Jews

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Eliyahu Weinstein. photo: freedomportal.net

Eliyahu Weinstein. photo: freedomportal.net

A World within: The Haredim

Compared to other groups – Africans, Asians, Indians, of any religion – Jewish people were greeted by the United States of America with Lady Liberty’s arms wide open.

The U.S. Constitution, in Article Six, disallowed any religious test requirement for suffrage. Property-holding adult male Jews, like property-holding adult male Gentiles, have had the vote since the 18th Century. The last holdout state, Maryland, capitulated to Article Six in 1828.

Jewish-American secular culture has been assimilated into virtually every aspect of life in the United States; its arts, politics, government, sport. From Brandeis to Burns; Kissinger to Koufax, the Stooges to Seinfeld, Jews have reached the highest levels of all facets of American society.

500,000 American Jewish heroes – half of all Jewish males between ages 18 and 50 – fought in World War II.

Jewish-Americans have had their number among the infamous, as well, with gangsters like Dutch Schultz, Meyer Lansky, and Arnold Rothstein taking their places on the same mantel with the ‘great’ Italian crime bosses, Luciano, Capone, Colombo.

And, of course, there is the debased Bernie Madoff, the current standard-bearer for Ponzi scammers. Madoff bilked his billions and ruined the lives of friends before being put in his hole. His son committed suicide in 2012.

Today, the approximately five and a half million-Jewish Americans are sprinkled throughout the country, with well-known concentrations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, and Illinois.

There are Jewish people in Alabama. It’s true.

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