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It took a thief: Eliyahu Weinstein Sentenced to 22 years for $200 million fraud of fellow Orthodox Jews

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The Haredim believe their form of Judaism is a link in the chain of Jewish continuity extending back to the giving of the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai.

The word “frum” is used by the Haredi to refer to themselves. Frum means “pious” or “devout” in Yiddish. Frum connotes that Haredim live in accordance with the 613 Commandments specific to Orthodox Judaism. For most, Haredi life revolves around study of the sacred Torah, prayer and family.

In Lakewood, the Haredi have created an almost completely insular community, with little contact with the larger American society.

Daily life is irrefutably ruled by “Halacha,” Jewish law. Halacha is a collection of sometimes complicated rules, with explanations of the reasoning supporting each one. Halacha determines how one should conduct himself or herself in all matters of life – religious, moral, personal. Halacha is a guide for everything, including directions for the first moment the frum Jew awakens, until the time he puts his pious self to sleep.

Halacha has been passed down through the millenia. It organizes every aspect of a Haredi Jew’s life. At least that is its purpose.

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